The History of Seido Ryu

Founded in 1992 at the YWCA in Paterson by Grandmaster L. Barr (10th degree black belt), Seido Ryu has grown to be one of the largest non-profit Martial Arts programs in the country. In 1994 the school moved to the YMCA of Hackensack, and in 2010 the school moved to the Police Athletic League of Greater Bergen County.

On July 1, 2019, the school moved to our newest location at 150 Kansas St, Hackensack, under the new name Barr Karate.

Seido Ryu means "Way of Life Style." The roots are Goju (Hard-Soft Style) and Shorin Ryu (The Style of the Little Temple).

There are ten kyus on the road to becoming a black belt. Even the very first belt (white) must be earned. Hard work is rewarded. There are no limits.

The dojo bushido (code) is "Respect for All." The philosophy is "Accept what is useful; reject what is not."