Ranking System

"Everyone starts at the bottom
Nothing is free
Hard work will be rewarded
Laziness will be punished
There are no limits, except the limits we put on ourselves."

Kyu (Underbelt Ranks)

Uke - Beginner
10th Kyu - White Belt
9th Kyu - 1st Yellow Stripe
8th Kyu - 2nd Yellow Stripe
7th Kyu - Yellow Belt
6th Kyu - Green Stripe
5th Kyu - Green Belt
4th Kyu - Brown Stripe
Sankyu - Brown Belt
Nikyu - 1st Black Stripe
Ikkyu - 2nd Black Stripe

Dan (Black Belt Ranks)

Shodan - 1st Degree Black Belt
Nidan - 2nd Degree Black Belt
Sandan - 3rd Degree Black Belt
Yondan - 4th Degree Black Belt
Godan - 5th Degree Black Belt
Rokudan - 6th Degree Black Belt
Shichidan - 7th Degree Black Belt
Hachidan - 8th Degree Black Belt
Kudan - 9th Degree Black Belt
Judan - 10th Degree Red Belt

Black Belt Titles

Yudansha - Black Belt
Sensei - Teacher (must be 18 years of age)
Shihan - Honored Teacher (5th Degree)
Renshi - Young Master (6th Degree)
Kyoshi - Master Teacher (7th Degree)
Hanshi - Master (9th Degree)
Soke - Grandmaster (10th Degree Red Belt)

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